Life Goes Fast

I don't even know who I am .

I try to act like I’m okay but every night I cry myself to sleep

I look forward to the days where I will hear your name and a sharp pain will not shoot through my stomach. I look forward to when the color of your eyes fades from my memories and your voice stops echoing in my thoughts and flashbacks. I look forward to when our story isn’t etched into the walls of my heart and you are no longer everywhere I turn. But eventually the time will arrive when you’re just a faded scar that no longer hurts like a freshly made wound.

—e.k.s. (via consumed-bywords)

When people used
to ask about you
I would blush and
look away because I
could not bottle my
feelings and express
them with the simplicity
of words and now when
people ask about you
I have to clench my
fists and catch my breath
and count to ten because
the thought of you and what
you did to me feels like acid
being poured over my entire
body and I just want to push
the thought out of my mind.

—I cannot even think of you. (via dollpoetry)